Top 5 Trends from Resort 2013

Finally, designers have upped the ante when it comes to the "fifth season" of clothing and accessories shown on the runways—For those of you who have no idea what the "fifth season" of fashion is... Don’t panic! We’re referring to the Resort 2013 collections. 

Instead of the recurring fusion of neutral hues and basic floral prints that we usually see strutting down the catwalk, this year designers opted for flashy bold hues in unlikely color combinations, a mash up of colorful prints and patterns and a new way to rock denim... and we absolutely love what we see!!

Take a look at the top trends for Resort 2013! Which trend will you most likely be spotted wearing?!
If you're a  fan of the color block trend, then you're in luck! This trend will be returning next year with an even bigger impact-- Designers are experimenting with thicker swatches, as well as, mixing different patterns  into the colorful mash-up... I have a feeling you won't be disappointed with this one. How can you go wrong with this trend? 

Solid Color + Solid Color =  Voilà! Your look is complete 
Denim will take on a whole new meaning in the coming year! Designers are bringing denim to a whole new level using an unprecedented approach to this all-american classic staple piece--Working the fabric into new shapes and forms, combining different textiles while using innovative denim treatments.  
Baseball bomber jackets, varsity sweaters and racing stripes... Oh my!  Classic all-american high school sportswear is back by popular demand--However, this look is sporting a brand new attitude-- Designers have put their own spin on this classic staple, offering a much more cooler way to rock the sportswear trend!
Comfy and casual, yet ultra-chic?   I don't think it can get much better than that!
Designers love for mashing-up different colors, prints and patterns will continue to prevail in 2013. The recent resort collections are proof that this trend is moving in an upward direction by taking colors and prints to a whole new extreme.
Neutral colors have always been a popular color for the resort collections, along with the safari themed pieces. However, designers have taken the safari trend and striped it down to the bare essentials-- reinventing this look to project a chic debonair appeal.


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