A fashion staple that is seen around the world is the jean. Denim of all washes, cuts and brands permeate the clothing industry and it can be difficult to find the perfect pair of jeans, leading you to the question: what makes a good jean?

Personally, I have experienced years of searching for that elusive, magical jean, with the perfect fit and comfortable feel that creates confidence. After all of my trials and tribulations with trying countless styles and fits, the brand I have come to rely upon is 7 For All Mankind. With its high quality denim and craftsmanship that will last for years, 7 For All Mankind makes a solid and reliable jean regardless of your body shape or style preference.

With multiple options from classic, surfer, preppy, urban or punkish, this brand offers unlimited styles that will satisfy. If your style is classic like Michael Douglas, then a relaxed boot cut or straight leg in a dark wash might work.  If you tend to be more of a free spirited surfer like Matthew McConaughey, then lighter denim with a relaxed fit is the way to go. If you’re urban like David Beckham, a dark wash with a sheen in either a slim fit straight leg or a boot cut will get you the attention you desire. If preppy is your style like Matt Damon, a modern straight leg, tapered from the knee down in a dark wash will compliment any pop of color. For those trendy prepsters, a cuffed straight leg jean will definitely fit the bill. Lastly, if you live the lifestyle of a punk rocker or want to like Jared Leto, a tight straight leg jean that sits low on the hips in dark and gray washes will give you that edgy, unapproachable look that you're after.

So the next time you jean shop, try on a pair of 7 For All Mankind, you won’t be disappointed. The answer to the question of what makes a good jean—is one that compliments your style and personality!  Below are paired styles and pictures to help you identify your look!    



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