It’s summertime and that means hot weather and smaller outfits.  Side stepping my personal body issues for a moment for the purpose of this blog…summer means skin.  Being that I fall in the category of  “yes, you can see my veins through my skin” white, summer has always been somewhat of a dilemma for me. 

Growing up I was the only one with fair skin in my family, my Mother and Sister would have golden tans and I would be as red as a lobster.   I was always lathered in sunscreen but it didn’t help that I adored being in the ocean and to this day I could swim in it for hours and it would feel like minutes to me.  So I accepted that to me summer equaled at least one to two brutal sunburns and it was no big deal, so I would never have a golden tan like my family, there are worse things. 

Well, I was partially right, there are worse things and one of them is skin cancer.  This past Fall I went to 3 different dermatologists about a freckle on my chest that was bothering me.  The first 2 said there was nothing to worry about the third wanted to take it off the day I walked into her office and guess what, the third doctor was right, it was skin cancer.   

Now this story has a happy ending, caught it early and now every three months I let Dr. Dima take off anything she wants.  As I sit here tonight I am a healthy but wounded warrior from just seeing her on Thursday.    

This is my first summer and I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I am a little bit nervous but this is a fashion blog and I am a stylist so there is no reason why one can’t be fashionable yet less exposed in summer apparel.  Fashion, thankfully has come a long way in summer options and its not just about big hats and sunglasses anymore.

So in tribute to my fellow alabaster friends throughout the summer I will suggest options for less exposed but not less fashionable summer options!  

The Cardigan…can be sheer, cropped, patterned, solid, short sleeve, long sleeve, etc. and a double bonus every woman’s arm looks good in a cardigan!  See LOTS of options below…



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