Whether it is a silk tie in a sedate hue or a seersucker bowtie with a fanciful pattern, neckwear is a way for men to show their style. I always belittled the notion of neckwear and strayed away from ever wearing it for one simple embarrassing reason: I couldn’t tie a bow tie or a tie to save my life.

Growing up, I was one of those kids who developed quickly in some ways and slowly in others. I may have been able to outsmart someone at a game of Chutes and Ladders but I still have panic flashbacks of learning how to tie my shoes. If I’m not mistaken, I wore sneakers with Velcro until about age 7. This struggle was ongoing, when I became old enough to wear a tie, I'd have my father tie it for me, only to slide it over my head at the last moment. Recently, I was unwittingly cornered and forced by two ladies to face my trauma and learn how to tie a tie. 

Over the course of two hours with great assistance and patience from one of my best friends and one of my favorite sales people, I finally learned how to tie both a bow tie and a standard tie. Don’t get me wrong, the process was incredibly frustrating. I felt like I was 6 again, attempting to tie my shoes. I laughed in nervousness; hell, I almost cried in frustration. However, after much needed instruction and coaxing I found myself able to do something that I had feared for so long...I could tie a tie!  

Now I feel like the door has opened to a world of accessories I had never previously considered. What I loathed, I now love, and it may seem trite but I smile when I see my well-tied tie and I feel a sense of accomplishment. So don't be afraid to learn something new or challenge yourself, much can be gained from overcoming a fear, no matter how big or small. Now I find myself always ready to tie one on!


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