I know this is a “fashion blog” and it’s not suppose to be super deep but it is also suppose to be about my take or experiences so this particular blog is more about my personal observations and less fashion but my stylist brain doesn’t shut off so the fashion faux pas will never be left out!

Gold Cup was this past weekend in The Plains, Virginia.   Just like the Derby it is filled with big hats, loud outfits, lots of people and “the reason” we are all there…the beautiful horses.

I must admit from the get go this was the very first and only Gold Cup I have attended not being three sheets to the wind and it was a completely different experience.   

The first thing that was different, was that I actually watched the horse races and even though I was nervous something might go wrong, I really enjoyed the athleticism of both horse and jockey, it really was amazing to watch. 

Second, thing that jumped out at me, not a huge shock, was how unbelievably lit the majority of people were at this event.  Funny thing about being sober in a sea of drunkenness is that people either want to get you drunk or run for the hills from you because let’s face it, sober people have those judgy eyes and that’s a buzz kill.

Third, revelation is how much I now appreciate a real bathroom.  The experience of being dressed up and in a Don’s John sans any alcohol in your system is not one I would recommend.  I question if those things should even be legal, they’re completely unsanitary, perhaps a necessary evil but in all just gross! It’s 2012, it’s basically an outhouse, this is the best we can do…?

My final and fourth observation (fashion time) is that this event is built for comfort not speed.  In other words this day is long, hot and outdoors so ditch the high heels and flowy silk dresses cause this is a marathon not a sprint.  You might love the way you look in your perfectly put together ensemble at the start but we don’t all have box seats ladies so love can so quickly turn to hate at the most surprising of places!

Below are some Gold Cup fashion tips so you enjoy not dread the day.

The phrase is top to bottom but whenever I am advising a client I start with the shoes and I ask where are you going, what are you doing, how long will you be standing?   The answers will decide the shoe.  Even though the porta potty conundrum has not been solved, the mystery of finding a comfortable shoe that’s attractive has been figured out so there’s NO excuse or reason to wear a shoe that hurts you. 

Regardless of how much the sales person swears by the comfort of a shoe it doesn’t matter, it’s your foot and only you can decide if it is comfortable.  I recommend any shoe you are considering wearing to an all day event, must be worn by you for an entire day either to work or on the weekend, to see if you are cursing them by hour two or still on the move with places to go.  

Shoe options:

Wedge-gives height and full foot support but must be broken in because your heels will pay the price if you choose to wear them out of the box. 

Flats- easy, no heel, come in every color, with or without embellishments, can be open toe or have cut outs, the style options are endless but just because it is a flat doesn’t mean it is comfortable.  Still needs to be broken in and make sure it has enough arch support, an easy fix is shoe inserts and Band-Aids on heels when they are brand new.  

For the more causal, laid-back gal, flip-flops are an option.  They are not for me because I am southern and therefor a little crazy and I like the ability or at least the option to run if circumstances cause for it and I am unable to get to or maintain any kind of real pace in a flip flop.  You may smirk and think what about a heel and my answer to that is a heel might as well be a running shoe to me, so to each her own!  If flips are your thing then flip flop away until your hearts delight.

The Ensemble:

Key questions: kind of occasion, indoor/outdoor, weather and how long will you be wearing it.

Fabric Choices:  Must be able to maintain look throughout the event.

Everyone likes linen, it’s so breathable, keeps you cool and it’s so chic, well that is right, it is super chic so if you are not being hand delivered to the event and are expected to walk, sit or move then it’s not an option for you.  Linen is an unavoidable wrinkly mess that always seems good in theory but not in reality.

For an all day, outdoor event like Gold Cup, best bet is good old reliable cotton or a microfiber if you prefer a tighter fit.  It holds up, is breathable and washable if you find yourself in a spill situation. 

Pick an outfit that allows for movement as well as comfort while still being proper Gold Cup attire.  Wear fun bold colors or patterns and adding a belt or hat to an old dress will give it life, while creating the classic Gold Cup look!

Hats & Jewelry: My take on both is the same, don’t wear anything you would be heart broken if you lost and in my opinion you can never go too big or bold at an outdoor event so have fun and wear the pieces that have the most personality!  




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