Trends come and go in the world of fashion as quickly as a passing rainstorm. While the majority of these fads are over before you can blink an eye, some have extreme staying power. One trend in particular that never seems to go out of style is showing skin. Whether it is the leg, arm, chest or back, designers and their adoring clientele are constantly embracing new ways of showing off their bodies in the latest fashions.  
The most recent, and rather unattractive skin-baring trend that I have noticed is lovingly referred to as “the Side Boob.” Wearing dresses or tops that are strategically cut on the side or center to showcase the side of one’s breast has become a trend that has taken the fashion world, as well as the world of celebrity by storm. Some of the world’s most recognizable women such as Beyonce, Olivia Wilde, Gwyneth Paltrow and Rachel McAdams have been photographed wearing outfits that expose the sides of their breasts. 

Perhaps I’m old-fashioned but my question is: why? I’ve always thought the purpose of showing skin was to entice yet leave something to the imagination, a little mystery to what was underneath. The “Side Boob” throws that myth out the window! Instead of creating alluring mystery, the “Side Boob” lets it all hang out in the most unflattering of ways. What’s the point of being decked out in a beautiful designer dress only to turn sideways and have your chest hanging? I believe this trend was designed as an alternative to traditional cleavage but I think it’s a trend that’s cheapened the most beautiful of designer clothing and the stunning women that wear them.  Therefore, is the “Side Boob” here to stay? 

And even more frightening, is “Side Boob” the new black?



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