The White House Correspondent’s weekend is the one time of year where fashion tops politics in Washington. Celebrities, journalists and politicians try to put their best fashion foot forward for the highly anticipated weekend of events.

Being born and raised right outside of DC in VA, I recognize that our little town is known more for red tape than high fashion. That withstanding, I was surprised to see most of this weekend’ fashion missteps came from those of the celebrity persuasion. DC tends to lean more conservative in its dress, no matter what your political affiliation. Having been lucky enough to attend some of the events this weekend, I got an up close and personal look at the good and unfortunately the bad.

As a stylist, I found much of the fashion missteps were due more to inappropriate choices rather than unattractive ensembles. I’m having brunch flashbacks of faux fur shag vests and satin frosted dresses…has Las Vegas come to Washington? Being that the highlight event of the weekend is a “dinner” and not a “gala”, I question the choice of a floor length sequined gown or a skintight “I’d like you to meet my chest” dress.

Being a stylist, this so frustrating to me because all of my above critiques are completely avoidable offenses that unfortunately happen to the best of us. Below are some simple tips that will help you create buzz, not whispers.

1. Google pictures of the event that you are attending to see what has been worn in the past.

2. The “Do as I say, not as I do” philosophy: Ask a friend, coworker, boyfriend or parent; you will be surprised to find that even those that may lack style have an understanding of what’s appropriate or not.

3. When going to a big event, it is never the right time to completely change your style or look, you will fidget and feel vulnerable the entire evening. If you are in need of a style change, start with your wardrobe and not an event outfit.

4. Take a picture of yourself in the outfit, you will be surprised how different a photo is from the reflection you see in the mirror. It can be brutal but sometimes the truth hurts.

5. Wear the garment that makes you feel the most comfortable, often it is the best choice.

Being fashionable is possible, just like anything else in life, the more preparation one puts in the better the outcome!



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