The holiday season is a blur of events, people and countless trappings of seasonal indulgences. Often, the biggest stress of the season is caused by the mission of finding your friend the perfect gift. Searching high and low for those stylish individuals in your life can be very overwhelming. What does one get the fashionista who has it all? Do you go over the top and splurge or pinch pennies and feel guilty?

Our recommendation…less can be more, it’s just how you go about it!

The best advice we can pass along concerning gifts is to give simple personal items. When buying a gift for a fashion-minded friend, go sentimental not pricey. Take the individual’s personality (as well as likes and dislikes) into account, and then the smallest gifts can make the biggest impression. It’s far more rewarding to see a loved ones’ reaction when opening a special gift that was handpicked yet still inexpensive without the stress of maxing out your budget. Below are some inexpensive gift ideas that will impress your most fashionable friends without depleting your savings!- Melissa Brown and Benjamin Miller



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