Media Malice
-Benjamin Miller

Confidence is key to execute one’s personal style, no matter what your age. When recent paparazzi photos of iconic supermodel Cindy Crawford wearing a Michael by Michael Kors snakeskin bikini surfaced, a great deal of speculation arose regarding her age and her choice to wear a bikini. Her ageless beauty aside, what I find so refreshing about women like Crawford is her ability to exude such confidence. She makes no bones about being 45 years old; in fact, she embraces it. Therefore, I cannot understand why the media feels it necessary to make a woman’s age relevant when it comes to dress.

If a woman feels confident and looks good in what she chooses to wear, more power to her. Men at any age are allowed to have giant Santa bellies hanging over their swimsuits but society has no issue with that unsightly scenario. Enough with attacking women, Cindy Crawford has it all, she is beautiful, smart and confident and I applaud her. I think it’s time for the media to stop berating women and focus on real issues, don’t you?



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